Elizabeth Austin | Life Is Art CoachingYour life is meant to be beautiful and meaningful.

Even though you are grateful and proud of what you have accomplished, deep in your heart you know there is much more,  waiting to be uncovered and expressed.

Perhaps you are  a successful professional woman over 50, yet you experience a vague unease, a knowing that there is more to life, a longing for … something.

Or maybe you have a secret desire, a compelling goal, that seems just too outrageous to achieve. Overwhelm sets in, followed by frustration.

Perhaps you are suddenly single. Or your nest is empty.

Whatever your life situation, you feel as though your wisdom and experience lie fallow. You yearn to be engaged in interesting, worthwhile activities that will make the world a better place. You long for clarity, peace of mind and confidence.

Have you ever asked yourself… What is my legacy? Where to begin? How? Is it possible? Or is too late?

What I know is this is the most important time in your life.

You want to talk about it, get to the core of whatever it is that holds you back. You want to explore your innate gifts and harness the power you feel but can’t quite get a grip on. You long to share your deep, unspoken aspirations and dreams with a reliable confidant.

Who knows what may be possible when your true greatness is released, when your dreams are valued and nourished? If only you had a wise guide dedicated to your fulfillment, happiness, and wholeness – a guide to accompany you as you explore your inner and outer landscapes.

You and I may be a good fit if:

  • you are ready for truth, commitment and accountability
  • you want an expert life coach who listens with an open heart
  • you want a coaching relationship where you can be open about every aspect of your life
  • you consider life a gift to be treasured and shared
  • the idea of having creative personal growth homework designed for you week after week sounds like the best gift you could give yourself
  • your mind, body and spirit could use a little celebration

Let me introduce myself.

EA 10-2015 CROPI am Life Coach Elizabeth Austin.

I see life as art, and coaching as a virtual studio for creating masterpieces in an atmosphere that fosters fun, creativity, experimentation, growth, freedom.

In such a studio, personal power thrives, innate gifts flourish and spirit unfolds in all its glory.

Here’s what I offer to support you in living the life you want:

  • one on one personal coaching
  • small group coaching
  • personal growth workshops
  • speaker and group facilitator

I am especially fond of people who:

  • jump at the chance to hear Willie Nelson, see a Shakespeare play, or listen to Prairie Home Companion
  • believe we are all connected
  • read labels at the grocery store
  • are thrilled by images from the Hubble telescope
  • love being life-long learners
  • appreciate the sacredness of everyday life
  • like to laugh
  • try new things just because

Does this sound like a fit for you?

Then I invite you to get to know me a little better, explore how working with me might look or get in touch to set up a no-strings-attached complimentary coaching session by phone. I’m looking forward to connecting with you!